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Gps monitor & webcam (windows phone schema uri)

Gps monitor & webcam is a travel/navigation apps, you have a WEBCAM/MAP with directions (location and route) functions. You can launch NOKIA HERE DRIVE APPS, NOKIA HERE MAPS APPS, NOKIA HERE TRANSIT, gMaps APPS. You can find point of interest or set d/a point on the drive navigator apps (usefull for tourism or search coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, market). The web cam are retrieved through It is a service designed to offer users, the ability to view world web cam, of the touristic places par excellence. For holiday/vacation or to discover new places as city (also useful to see meteo/weather or traffic info). Documentation/Windows Phone Schema URI AssociationsFacebook page

Découvrez Windows Phone 8 avec Mon Windows Phone


WebCam finder, a windows 8 apps that show web cam from is a service designed to offer users, the ability to view live web cam, of the touristic places par excellence; selected from around the world, perhaps with a view to choose the location where to spend your next holiday/vacation (or to discover new places as city). Also it is useful for the next 2 purposes: 1) discover traffic info (street, highways and parking) 2) discover meteo/weather condition (sun, rain, snow, sea/beaches, mountains/ski). You can use this service through the website or through a third-party application. WebCam finder is an third-party application that uses the services provided by and allows you to see webcams around the world (with a tabular or map vision). So you can discover city and places for tourism, holiday, vacation, leisure and travel planning. Vai alla pagina dell’apps su Windows Store – WebCam finder (Discover new places for tourism, holiday and vacation)