WebCam finder, a windows 8 apps that show web cam from is a service designed to offer users, the ability to view live web cam, of the touristic places par excellence; selected from around the world, perhaps with a view to choose the location where to spend your next holiday/vacation (or to discover new places as city). Also it is useful for the next 2 purposes: 1) discover traffic info (street, highways and parking) 2) discover meteo/weather condition (sun, rain, snow, sea/beaches, mountains/ski). You can use this service through the website or through a third-party application. WebCam finder is an third-party application that uses the services provided by and allows you to see webcams around the world (with a tabular or map vision). So you can discover city and places for tourism, holiday, vacation, leisure and travel planning. Vai alla pagina dell’apps su Windows Store – WebCam finder (Discover new places for tourism, holiday and vacation)